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Exercise is Medicine® Australia has developed a number of factsheets to help educate you on the role of exercise in the treatment of chronic conditions or disorders. Two factsheets are available for each condition 1) full version; and 2) brief version (for the time poor). The factsheets provide information on:

  • the condition;
  • the benefits of exercise;
  • how exercise produces benefits for that condition; and
  • the most appropriate exercise for that condition.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Exercise has a well-established role as medicine to reduce the side effects and slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

If you have been diagnosed with AD, exercise is an important therapy to help reduce your symptoms, improve your psychological wellness and increase your survival rate.

People who are physically active have a lower risk of developing AD than those who are inactive. Exercise can benefit people who already show signs of AD by improving their quality of life, slowing down the disease progression, and improving physical function and health.

This factsheet helps doctors, patients and every day Australians understand the role of exercise in the treatment and slowing the progression of AD. It covers:

  • the condition;
  • why exercise is important; and
  • recommended exercise.

Available Factsheets

Factsheet Full version Brief version
Acquired Brain Injury Download    Download
Alzheimers Disease   Download     Download
Arthritis Download   Download 
Asthma Download  Download 
Breast Cancer Download Download
Cancer Download Download
Chronic heart failure Download Download
Chronic pain Download Download
Colon cancer  Download  Download
Coronary heart disease (CHD) Download Download
Depression Download Download
Diabetes Type 1 Download Download
Diabetes Type 2 Download Download
Dyslipidaemia Download Download
Falls in older people Download Download
Gynaecological Cancer Download Download
Hypertension Download Download
Kidney disease Download Download
Lower back pain – Managing a first or acute episode Download Download
Metabolic syndrome Download Download
Osteoporosis Download Download
Parkinson’s disease Download Download
Prostate cancer Download Download

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